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Summary of the 10th National Judicial Forum Meeting
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May 26,from the bet365 app、Shandong University Judicial Research Center、Hosted by the Judicial Research Base in Shandong Province,Shanghai Wanyi Law Consultation Co., Ltd.、Huaiyin Institute of Technology、Holding the Huaiyin Teachers College,Xiangyu Education Group、"Journal of Shandong University (Journal of Shandong University (Philosophy Social Science Edition)" editorial department co -organized,Huai'an Middle School, Jiangsu Province、Nanjing Meishi Culture Communication Company、Shandong Wending Law Firm、The 10th National Judicial Forum supported by the Beijing Gao Peng (Yangzhou) Law Firm was successfully held in Huaian City, Jiangsu Province。Huai'an, who enjoys the reputation of the "China Canal Capital", is the hometown of Premier Zhou Enlai,The junction of the Beijing -Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Guhuai River,Numerous monuments are many,Natural scenery。Holding the 10th National Judicial Forum in Huai'an with deep cultural heritage,Both the thousand -year -old vein,Following the trend of the times。

This forum is a high -end academic forum of Humanities and Social Sciences in Shandong University,Under the guidance of the 20th spirit of the party,Law and Academy、The judicial world is actively promoting the modern Chinese -style judicial business,At the same time, pay close attention to social governance issues。In this background,The theme of this forum is determined as "Chinese -style Judicial Modernization and Social Governance",Sub -issues include "theoretical interpretation of Chinese -style judicial modernization", "The relationship between judicial modernization and Chinese judicial modernization", "relationship between Chinese judicial modernization and traditional Chinese judicial culture", "Chinese -style judicial modernization and social governance modernization" " Chinese -style judicial modernization and corporate compliance governance "" "grass -roots social governance and new era 'Fengqiao Experience'", "Chinese Plan for Municipal Social Governance and the rule of law", "Judicial Science under the framework of independent knowledge system",Focus on the theoretical origin and practical focus of Chinese -style judicial modernization。Before the meeting,The preparatory group of the forum conducted essay activities,A total of more than 380 articles received,After the expert group strictly reviewed,A total of 5 first prizes,26 second prizes,Excellent Awards 94 articles。

This forum adopts online -based forms to take into account the offline form,There are two sub -forums。The opening ceremony of the forum was chaired by Zhou Changjun, Dean of Bet365 APP,Professor Zhou Changjun warmly congratulated the tenth National Judicial Forum in the welcome speech,and expressed sincere thanks to the leaders and experts who have been supported to Shandong University for a long time。Assistant President of Shandong University、Xing Zhanjun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Qingdao Campus,Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme People's Court、The former Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the Supreme People's Court、Deputy Council of Yujiang Bi Xin,Former Dean of the Senior People's Court of Shandong Province, Zhou Yuhua,Member of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme People's Court、Former Dean of the Shanghai Senior People's Court、Cui Yadong, the former president of the Shanghai Law Society,Former Deputy Director of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme People's Court、Former Deputy Minister -level full -time member Wang Xiuhong,Member of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme People's Court、The former dean of the Higher People's Court of Shandong Province Zhang Jiatian,The former party committee secretary of Renmin University of China、President Cheng Tianquan, Chairman of Pujiang Rule of Law Forum,Dean of the Law School of Tongji University、A special professor Jiang Huiling,Liu Shude, deputy director of the China Applied Law Research Institute of the Supreme People's Court,Yu Shuangbiao, deputy director of the Legal Policies Research Office of the Supreme People's Procuratorate、Guo Weiqing, Dean of the Second Intermediate People's Court of Shanghai、Experts such as Li Yusheng, deputy dean of the High People's Court of Jiangsu Province、Leaders participate in the forum and speak、Speaking,From the national judicial system、University System、More than 160 experts and scholars in the scientific research system attended the meeting。

Consultant at the Forum on the Studies Research Center of Shandong University、Part -time researcher hire appointment ceremony,After the opening ceremony, Wang Chengbing, Secretary -General of the Tenth National Judicial Forum, reads the list of hires。hire Cui Yadong、Zhang Jiatian、Wang Xiuhong、Zhou Yuhua、Zhang Jiatian、Zhang Yuejin is a consultant at the Judicial Research Center of Shandong University,Hire Wang Yuefei、Lu Shang need、Guo Yan、Sun Hailong、Zhu Guohua、Zhao Xiaogen、Shixinzhong、Wang Zhaofeng、Cai Yingwen、Zhu Guohua、Zheng Yunrui、He Zijun、Zhu Pengming、Song Guohua、Ren Jianhua、Wang Qiong、Yu Yin Tong、Jiang Chen is a part -time researcher at Shandong University Judicial Research Center。

The theme report phase was the former deputy mayor of the Suzhou Municipal People's Government of Jiangsu Province、President of the Suzhou Police Association、Zhang Yuejin, Chief Expert of Modernization Research Institute of Suhe Social Governance of Jiangsu Province。The main speech phase The first sub -forum theme is Chinese -style judicial modernization,Dean of the School of Sociology and Law from Shanxi Normal University、Professor Wang Xiaoping hosted,Deputy Director of Teaching and Research Department of Pudong Cadre College of China、Professor Wang Yongjie and Associate Professor of Shaoxing School of Arts and Sciences Ge Tianbo commented on; the main speech stage The second branch forum theme is social governance modernization,Deputy Director of the Sichuan Provincial Political Consultative Conference Social Legal Committee、The former party secretary of the Intermediate People's Court of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province、Dean Guo Yan hosted,Wang Dezhi, Director of the Institute of Constitution and Administrative Law of the Bet365 APP, and Ma Cheng, Director of Human Rights Research Center of Northwestern University of Political Science and Law。

The closing ceremony of the forum is by the second -level professor of Shandong University、Vice Dean of the National Institute of Governance、Director Xiao Jinming, Director of the China Institute of rule of law。Special professor of Shandong University、Director of the Research Center of Shandong University、Cui Yongdong, director of the judicial research base of Shandong Province, conduct academic summary,Bet365 APP Party Secretary Yu Mingzuo's closing speech。

Assistant President of Shandong University、Xing Zhanjun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Qingdao Campus, pointed out in his speech,The rapid development and change of Chinese society put forward higher requirements for the reform of the judicial system。China bet365 sports betting apkis in the process of promoting modernization,You need to build a judicial mode that is in line with your own national conditions and development stage。Judicial Forum centralized discussion on hot and difficult problems in the judicial field,Various academic achievements、The ideological achievements are wonderful。The academic discussions and theoretical results of this forum,Stable advancement of Chinese -style judicial modernization、Optimization and improvement of China's social governance system and governance capacity has a profound impact。

Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme People's Court,The former Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the Supreme People's Court、Vice President Jiang Bixin expressed warm congratulations to the forum to be held smoothly,and pointed out,Modernization of a diversified dispute solution mechanism requires six aspects: first,substantial,Make sure the mechanism can effectively solve social contradictions,Use social resources and mass forces,Reduce the cost of solution,Improve convenience。Second,Types。Layout classification of contradictions and disputes,Choose the right solution according to the nature of the dispute。Third,front -end。Resolving disputes before litigation,Avoid unnecessary judicial procedures。Fourth,Collection。Optimize contradictions and disputes one stop solution mechanism,Effectively integrate people's mediation、Industry mediation、Non -litigation solutions such as lawyers' mediation and arbitration,Improve judicial efficiency and reduce costs。Fifth,Standardized。Establish the basic rules and procedures for the establishment of a diversified dispute resolution mechanism,Prevention of illegal governance,Improve the level of rule of law。Sixth,Efficiency。Disputes in dispute resolution mechanisms such as long -term tone and difficulty in the case,Improve mediation efficiency through a variety of professional technical means。

Former Member of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme People's Court,The former dean of the Higher People's Court of Shandong Province, Zhou Yuhua pointed out in his speech that the source of the source of the complaint must be paid to: first,Puzhi,The rule of law education that needs to popularize self -prevention and disputes,This is for the source prevention、The front -end resolution has a significant role; the second,Reform,Modify the method of litigation charges,Improve litigation charging standards。Especially for small lawsuits cases,Litigation charging standards should be greatly improved; third,Legal aspects,The "Mediation Law of the People's Republic of China" should be formulated,Make full use of my country's rich mediation experience,Make people mediation、Industry mediation、Administrative mediation and other institutionalization、Standardized、Legalization,Real implementation of the "Raising the Dispute Mechanism of the Non -Local Litigation Society in the front" requires。

Member of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme People's Court、Former Dean of the Shanghai Senior People's Court、The former president of the Shanghai Law Society Cui Yadong thought in his speech,The National Judicial Forum as an important academic exchange platform in my country's judicial field,Always committed to promoting deep integration of judicial theory and judicial practice,Promote the innovation and development of disciplines of judicial science。He pointed out,At present, my country is in an important historical period of comprehensively governing the country in accordance with the law,The reform of the judicial system is continuously deepened,Judicial credibility continues to improve。The holding of the 10th National Judicial Forum has important practical significance,It not only provides an exchange idea for experts and scholars in the judicial field、Platform that triggers wisdom,It also provides theoretical support and intellectual support for judicial reform and judicial practice,Promote the continuous innovation and development of judicial work。

Former Deputy Director of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme People's Court、The former deputy ministerial full -time member Wang Xiuhong said in his speech,Professor Cui Yongdong's high -end academic platform for judicial theory and practical research in China in 2012, the National Judicial Forum。The forum has successfully held ten sessions,Become a well -known brand in related forums in my country's judicial field。The previous forums brought together domestic universities、Top scholars and experts of scientific research institutions and judicial practice departments,Research results that have been instructed to the top -level design and local judicial practice of the top -level design of the reform。

Member of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme People's Court、Zhang Jiatian, the former dean of the Higher People's Court of Shandong Province, pointed out in his speech,The People's Court must based on the trial function,Give full use of judicial referees in national governance、Specifications in social governance、Evaluation and Leading Function,Good at political perspective,Good at running from the rule of law。Adhere to the basic principles of the Constitution、Improve the solution mechanism of diversified disputes with Chinese characteristics、Continuous promotion of informatization construction、Deepen the study and build a judicial theoretical system,Modernization support and service of Chinese -style modernization with trial work。

The former party committee secretary of Renmin University of China、President Cheng Tianquan pointed out in his speech,Promoting Chinese -style judicial modernization,You need to achieve the following points: First,Always adhere to Xi Jinping's thinking。In the process of Chinese -style judicial modernization, we must adhere to the judicial concept with the guidance of Xi Jinping's rule of law,Promoting Xi Jinping's thinking of the rule of law in the judicial practice shows the power of powerful truth。Second,Modernization of the trial system and judgment capacity as the key measure。We must closely focus on the goal of "trying to make the people feel fairness and justice in every judicial case,Persist in the people first,Adhere to judicial reform and technology empowerment two -wheel drive,better quality meets the needs of the masses。Third,Adhere to the construction of high standard team。Only accelerate the modernization of the talent team,Forging loyal and clean team,Only by promoting the high -quality development of the cause with a high -quality team,Pioneering a new situation of modern Chinese -style modernization。

Dean of the Law School of Tongji University、Dedicated professor Jiang Huiling believes,Interaction between justice and politics and border issues,is the core issue that must be faced in the reform of the judicial system。He pointed out,In my country's socialist rule of law system,How to ensure that the national legal system is unified while taking into account the special circumstances and needs of the local area,has become an important problem in the reform of the judicial system。In addition,He also said,The court's judicial administrative management rights belong to the issue、Theoretical problems on the jurisdiction area、Cross -administrative district jurisdiction、The interpretation of the right to interpretation of the judicial organs,All related issues such as the current theoretical and practical research should be become related practical problems such as。

Liu Shude, deputy director of the China Applied Law Research Institute of the Supreme People's Court, said in his speech,Xi Jinping's Thought of the Law as a Chineseism、The latest theoretical results of the times,System complete、Rich in content,Contains a series of new judicial propositions and new assertions。For example,"Promote reform under the rule of law,Improving the rule of law in the reform "deeply explained the relationship between the rule of law and reform,is the correct view and method of solving the conflict of reform and the rule of law。The current research on the thinking of Xi Jinping's rule of law is the academic and systematic,Combining in -depth study Xi Jinping's thinking、Construct a judiciary with Chinese characteristics,Our legal person should work hard,Rigid and deeply conduct rational interpretation,Lay a solid foundation for the construction of a judiciary with Chinese characteristics。

Yu Shuangbiao, deputy director of the Legal Policy Research Office of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, explained bet365 sports betting appthe difference between Western modernization and Chinese -style modernization in his speech,It is pointed out that the modernization of Chinese -style is era、Intelligence、essential、People、Comprehensive、Democracy and other distinctive features,Is Chinese history、Culture、Economy、Products under specific conditions such as society,Tone rooted in the soil of Chinese civilization。Chinese -style judicial modernization is the meaning of Chinese -style modernization,Today the world has experienced a big change in a century,The competition between the country is becoming increasingly fierce,The rule of law is not only an important symbol of the modernization of national governance,It is also an important content of the core competitiveness of the country。History and reality all tell us,A modern country must be a country in rule of law,A modern power country must be a strong country of rule of law,The state will move towards modernization,It is necessary to move towards the rule of law。

Vice President of Shanxi Normal University、Professor Fan Zhefeng said in his speech,Chinese -style judicial modernization is an important starting point to boost Chinese -style modernization,It is an important guarantee for the construction of Chinese -style modernization。Construction of Chinese -style judicial modernization,The following three points should be achieved: first,Adhere to the judicial concept of "people -centered",To be justified for the people,Protecting people's rights and interests。Second,Take Xi Jinping's Thought of the Law as the foundation of the justice,Deeply understand the major value of "two combinations",Using Xi Jinping's ideological point of view,Promote the modernization of the judicial trial system and judgment capacity,Promote Chinese -style modernization with the power of rule of law; third,Deepen the reform of the judicial system,Comprehensively and accurately implement the judicial responsibility system,Accelerate the construction of a socialist judicial system with fair and efficient and authoritative authority,Efforts to make the people feel fairness and justice in each judicial case。

Secretary of the Party Group of the Second Intermediate People's Court of Shanghai、Dean Guo Weiqing pointed out in his speech,Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered the new era,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core has deeply grasped the development trend of national conditions and social contradictions and disputes,From the perspective of advancing the national governance system and governance capacity modernization strategy height,I made a series of decision -making deployment on the governance of the source of the sources。He combined with the practical exploration of the Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court,Proposed three points: First,Find a position,Greed the vision of the source of the source of the complaint; the second,Based on the standard,Consolidate the base of the source of complaints; third,Clear orientation,The potential of the deepening of the source of the sources。

Li Yusheng, deputy dean of the High People's Court of Jiangsu Province,Title "Thinking of the People's Court in Promoting the Modernization of Social Governance" is the title,Deeply analyzed the relationship between judicial and social governance。He pointed out,At present, there are some misunderstandings about the role of justice in social governance,Social governance should not simply depend on judicial solving all problems。Introduce all social contradictions into judicial procedures,It does not conform to the rule of law and the rule of law。Li Yusheng emphasized,Fully shifted from legislative theory to judicial theory,Not the most suitable path。He advocates the improvement of legislation and legal system,At the same time, play the guidance of trial in social governance,The specific meaning and applicable scenario of the abstract rules of legal abstraction through the trial。He proposed further,People's Court should adhere to the mass line,Actively integrate into the overall situation of social governance,Put the non -litigation solution mechanism at the first place,The deepening and development of the "Maple Bridge Experience" of the new era in the new era。

Wang Yuefei, former vice president of the High People's Court of Hebei Province, pointed out in his speech,The theme of this forum is "Chinese -style Judicial Modernization and Social Governance",It has important value,The theme of the conference meets the requirements of the Party Central Committee's decision -making deployment and practice needs,It is the in -depth and specific implementation of the 20th spirit of the party。He pointed out,Delievable social governance,Modernization of Chinese -style justice needs to establish a new concept and thinking fixed formula,Social governance must be based on China's social reality,Chinese -style judicial modernization must take the solution of living social problems as research objects。

The former vice president of the High People's Court of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Lu Shang needed to point out in the main speech,The socialist judicial system with Chinese characteristics has strong superiority,solved the difficulty of judicial practice in neutral cases、Difficulty such as execution。The superiority of giving full play to the full use of the socialist judicial system with Chinese characteristics in social governance should be implemented under the party's leadership to each case,Further strengthen judicial supervision,Rely on the people,Efforts to make the people feel fairness and justice in each judicial case。At the same time,The concept of judicial community should be established,Relying on the power of each social subject to achieve judicial modernization,Strengthen social governance。

Sun Hailong, deputy dean of the Senior People's Court of Chongqing City, pointed out in his speech,National Judicial Forum,It is both a witness to reform and participant,It is the pioneer of the construction of the discipline of judicial disciplines,The promotion of theoretical research and reform practice has played a positive role。He proposed,The lawful laws of judicial laws include unified power and responsibility、Power constraints、Public fair、Respect procedures and other laws; the rules of judicialness in the narrow sense,That is the rules of trial,Including referee、Perception、Independent、Neutral、Public、Consistency of power and responsibility。Modernization of trial management should be modernized in Chinese judicial modernization.,Strengthen trial management that conforms to the laws of judicial,Modernization of the concept of trial management、Modernization of the trial management system。

Deputy Director of the Sichuan Provincial CPPCC Social Affairs Committee,Vice President of the Provincial Law Society,The former party secretary of the Intermediate People's Court of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province、Dean Guo Yan explained from the perspective of the new Chinese law system from six perspectives.。First,It has clear political nature,Adhere to the absolute leadership of the party's judicial work; second,Have a firm people,Adhere to the basic value orientation of the people -centered; third,Have natural rule of law,Adhere to the unity of judicial justice and maintaining the authority of the rule of law; fourth,With traditional revolutionary,Adhere to the unity of deepening the self -revolution and serving the social revolution; fifth,Digue of the times,Adhere to the auxiliary supporting role of embracing the big data of the information network; sixth,It has continuous openness,Adhere to ancient times、Ocean for China、Sports Passing。

Ulanchabu Municipal Intermediate People's Court Party Group Secretary、Dean Lu Guowen pointed out in his speech,Judicial governance is a resolution of contradictions、Protecting rights and interests、Serving people's livelihood、Stable "nerve endings",Is the construction of the rule of law、Basis of social governance,It is also an important measure to promote comprehensive rural revitalization,Gradually has become one of the main methods of grassroots social governance。He proposed to adhere to and develop "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era of "Fengqiao experience" in combination with the judicial practice of Ulanchabu City. The rule of law environment is the basic guarantee of improving modern grassroots social governance。

President of the Beijing bet365 sports bettingCredit Society、"Journal of the Capital Normal University (Social Science Edition)" editor -in -chief of the new China explained the significance of the construction of judicial public credibility from the three development stages of human society。Drives the specific path of the construction of judicial information from the two important connotations of judicial trust,First, judicial personnel should improve their business quality and moral level,Second, the arrangement of other national mechanisms to ensure that judicial personnel can not be disturbed by the outside world,Bingjong enforcement。​​Another,The judicial organs themselves should also play a role in the construction of the national credit system,Improve the mechanism of the execution of the dishonesty。

Professor of Law School of Renmin University of China,The chief expert of the "Horse Project" "History of Malaysia" "History of Chinese Legalism" Zhao Xiaogen said in his speech,From the perspective of legal history,Judicial Science provides us with a theoretical and practical communication platform。He pointed out,With the development of society,There are some theories worth reviewing in the traditional law,For example, the theory of departmental law。Judicial studies have opened a new platform for us,Let us look at these text systems formed by department -based method with a more extensive vision。

Professor of Law School of China University of Political Science and Law,Wang Jinxi, vice chairman of the Law of the Chinese Law Society, pointed out in his speech,Cultivate international first -class law firms,It is the strategic requirement of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the key historical opportunity period,Available in foreign rule of law and international legal order,Even the reconstruction of international political order。Cultivation of international first -class law firms needs to create a system and legal environment required for the cultivation of international first -class law firms。First,Judicial Administrative Organs and Lawyers Associations must understand the important status of scale law firms as a strategic resource。Second,Law education and research must actively respond to cultivating the requirements of the knowledge and technology of international first -class law firms。Third aspect,The National Lawyers Association of China must actively promote the revision of the "Lawyer Practice Behavior (Trial)"。

"Journal of Anhui University (Philosophy Social Science Edition)" editor -in -chief、Professor Zhang Zhidong introduced the Journal of Anhui University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition) in his speech.、Party History and Party Construction、Major theoretical innovation and practice of the party and the country、Law and other columns,The main features of "Journal of Anhui University (Philosophy Social Science Edition)" were introduced: First,Pay attention to academicity。Second,Pay attention to comprehensive。Third,Data method、Smart Law is the future trend。

Shi Jingxue, the former full -time deputy secretary -general of the China Prosecutor Association, pointed out in his speech,Give full play to the role of social organizations in grassroots governance。Homo -neighborhood Legal Service Center has been established since its establishment,Thinking of the service as the purpose,Give full play to the legal professional advantages and resource advantages of volunteers,Actively for the majority of residents、Society、Street communities and private enterprises provide legal consulting services、Fa -Presses Propaganda Service、Grassroots governance services and private enterprise services,The affirmation and praise of the masses and grassroots governments won。

Director of the Scientific Research Office of Shanghai Political Science and Law、Professor Liu Jun pointed out in his speech,With the in -depth implementation of the national rule of law strategy,The rule of law of grassroots social governance is not only the need to realize the basic strategy of governing the country according to law,It is also promoting social management innovation,Effective ways to solve the conflict between grassroots conflicts。Specific implementation path,First,The concept innovation of the rule of law of grassroots social governance should be promoted; second,The public's trust and loyalty to the rule of law should be rebuilt; third,It should build a grassroots and multi -level preventive legal system; fourth,Strengthen social collaboration and public participation,Standardized、proceduralization、institutionalization; fifth,During the grassroots social governance process,To solve the effective implementation of laws and regulations in the social governance of the grassroots level,Improving the standardization and foreseeableness of governance,Improve the effectiveness of governance。

Dean of the Mediation College of Shanghai School of Political Science and Law、Professor Hou Huaixia pointed out in his speech,"Maple Bridge Experience" is a mass method of grassroots governance,It aims to conflict prevention and resolution by mobilizing the enthusiasm of the masses,The understanding and application of "Maple Bridge Experience" should be a boundary。People's mediation as a dispute solution mechanism,It is a part of a diversified dispute solution mechanism。After the dispute,The path to solve the dispute usually has litigation、Arbitration、Mediation three types,This is known as a three -driving carriage for disputes,People's mediation is the most high -ranking dispute solution mechanism,Is the dispute solution、The first line of defense resolved in contradictions。

Closing ceremony,Special professor of Shandong University、Director of the Research Center of Shandong University、Director Cui Yongdong of Shandong Judicial Research Base first reviewed the Judicial Forum.,The reason why this forum is named "Tenth",Not only the meaning of "ten percent",but based on the motivation of "not forgetting the original intention",Starting from the judicial seminar held in Beijing Yuanwang Building in 2012 (if it is calculated from the Judicial Forum held in Shanghai in 2014, it is the ninth)。Because the meeting held in Beijing was large scale,Some leaders of Thai -level characters and the highest judicial agencies in the law industry have attended the meeting,and reached an important consensus,That is to vigorously develop a discipline with Chinese characteristics。From this start,Many domestic colleges and universities have successively opened judicial courses or set up related majors (directions),Training judicial talents。Some universities have also founded scientific research institutions that specialize in judicial research,and published a series of books,I have achieved remarkable results。So,Judicial Forum has begun to calculate since then,It has the meaning of "not forget the root"。

Cui Yongdong pointed out,The theme of this forum is Chinese -style judicial modernization and social governance,There are three keywords here,1 is "Chinese style",The second is "Judicial Modernization",Third is "social governance"。The so -called "Chinese style" refers to Chinese characteristics,Under the current context,Chinese -style justice is the product of "two combinations",That is, the combination of modern Chinese justice with traditional Chinese culture and the actual reality of China。The so -called "judicial modernization" refers to the content of the excellent foreign judicial culture of foreign judicial culture under the premise of adhering to the "two combinations",and on this basis, it can be moved and innovated,Create an adaptation to both international trends、A new type of judicial civilization that is in line with China's actuality。The so -called "social governance" refers to adhering to the rule of law、Under the background of Dezhi,Highlight the role of autonomy,Use social forces to complete the integration of social order。The core means of social governance are "social justice",It refers to all the means to resolve disputes other than national justice,It mainly includes mediation、Arbitration、Negotiations、Consultation、Critical、Education, etc.。

Cui Yongdong emphasized,The contemporary Chinese national justice is not the "court justice" in the Western sense,The latter can be said to be a "pure justice",Only pursue one legal value; the former is a "hybrid judicial",It is both "mixed" in value,Including bet365 sports betting apklegal value、Mix of political and social value (or legal effect、Unification of political effects and social effects),It is also manifested as legal rules in the judicial basis、Mix of political rules and social rules。This is also similar to traditional Chinese justice,Chinese traditional justice belongs to "ethical justice",Pursuing the mix of ethical and legal value in the value of value,and adhere to the value of ethics higher than the legal value; adhere to the mix of ethical rules and legal rules in terms of judicial basis,Emphasis on ethical rules preferred。If ethical rules are regarded as part of social rules,Then ancient Chinese ethical justice also belongs to social justice。"Justice" in the modern sense of China not only accommodates the factors of social governance and social justice,Such a mediation、Negotiations、Social justice and other social justice methods are included in the system of national justice (such as the important means of mediation that belongs to social justice,After being included in the national judicial system, it becomes "judicial mediation"),Actively promote social governance and social justice through the power of national justice,If the so -called source of complaints、People's Justice、Corporate compliance governance, etc.,All are an important way to promote social governance in the country。Therefore, we can know,"Chinese -style justice" and Western "court justice" are very different in connotation,The former was given a lot of value targets,Especially the goals of social governance,It has a richer connotation and a wider boundary。In other words,The latter is a narrow justice,The former is a broad sense of justice,It is elastic,There is greater tolerance,Not only the national justice,It also includes social justice。This judicial itself is an important part of social governance,At the same time, it actively promotes social governance through the power of national justice。In view of the domestic academic community ’s exploration of the relationship between Chinese -style justice and social governance is seriously insufficient,Therefore, this subject has a significant theoretical significance and practical significance。This is why we design this subject as the theme of this forum。

Last,Cui Yongdong pointed out,The essay activity of this forum has been widely responded to the judicial and law circles,A total of more than 380 articles were received,More than a hundred papers won awards,It reflects that these essays have a high academic standard。There are more than 160 participants in this forum to participate in the meeting,Many experts leading spoke actively,Dedicated a wonderful academic feast and ideological meal for everyone。Comprehensive signs and experts speak,can be found,This forum has the following characteristics: First, there is a height,Strategic thinking,Stand high,Look far,Discussing High House Jianyu,Has macro、forward -looking、Global; Second, there is depth,Most papers and speeches and insights、Deep thoughts,Wake up; the third is the breadth,The scope of the content of the dissertation or speech involves a wide range,involved the theory,It also involves practice; it involves both concepts,It also involves the system; it involves traditional,It also involves reality; it involves both China,It also involves foreign countries; both involve research on science,It also involves countermeasure research;。This indicates,This forum is in academic research、Theoretical exploration and countermeasures have reached a new height,I believe that some of them will be the future judicial reform and judicial practice、To promote Chinese -style judicial modernization、Improve the level of social governance to play concept leaders、The important role of academic support and institutional optimization。

Bet365 APP Party Secretary Yu Xiangming pointed out in his closing speech,The 10th National Judicial Forum is based on the scheduled arrangement,Settled all the agenda,To improve the discipline of judiciary、It is important to realize Chinese -style judicial modernization。Secretary Yu Xiang Ming's experts and scholars and forum contractors、Co -organizer、Support the unit to express thanks and invite the participating experts to Qingdao to experience the unique charm of the bet365 app,For the discipline of law、Development of the discipline of judiciary contributions。

Chinese -style judicial modernization is an important part of Chinese -style modernization,It provides a strong guarantee for the construction of a socialist modern country。Under the leadership of the 20th spirit of the party,This forum deeply discussed the problems of "Chinese -style judicial modernization and social governance"。Forum Seminar theme concentration、The academic field of vision is open,Participating scholars in the theory and practice conduct a deep analysis of the many levels of theory and practice、Guide to Guide,Innovation from judicial concept、System Innovation、Practical innovation and other aspects proposed a lot of forward -looking、Global and countermeasure views and opinions,Add new experience to the progress of judicial civilization in my country、New Wisdom、New energy。

Start of the first judicial seminar (forum) hosted by the judicial concept and judicial system research center of China University of Political Science and Law (forum),After the East China University of Political Science and Law Research, the East China University of Political Science and Law held an eighth judicial forum,So far, it is the tenth event of the discipline of judiciary。Shandong University Judicial Research Center (2023) Since its establishment,Vigorously promote the development of the discipline and think tank platform of the Judician Judicial Science,Dedicated to build a bridge for academic exchanges for the academic and judicial practice circles,Continuously contribute to Chinese -style judicial modernization in the new era,Provide ideas for judicial reform and judicial practice、Academic support and institutional optimization。




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