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Law School organized "Meet,Growing into a better self "theme psychological lecture

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To further strengthen the education of college students' mental health,bet365 appHelp students better understand themselves,June 3,Law School organized "Meet,Growing into a better self "theme psychological lecture,Law School Counselor Tian Yan as the lecture,Level 2023 some master's degree attended the lecture。

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Tian Yan started with an interested island type.,Introduce different occupational interests and personality characteristics of different types of islands,Analysis with you the challenges and response methods that may encounter at all stages of graduate students。In addition, she combines bet365 appMaslow's demand level theory and Herzberg's incentive theory,From knowing self, not blind、Emotional and Emotional Management、Far from anxiety and other aspects,Targeting scientific methods and emotional management practical techniques for students to relieve stress。Tian Yan emphasized,Everyone's needs are different,Facing academic、Employment and other aspects of pressure,We should not obey blindly,should be combined with your own specific situation,bet365 sports betting appCorresponding response。

The college attaches great importance to students' mental health education,Psychological health education should be used as the right meaning of implementing the fundamental task of Lindu.。Holding the theme psychological lecture,helps to comprehensively cultivate students' positive psychological quality,Help students to establish the correct concept of mental health,Help students comprehensively develop and grow。