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Let the youth 'education' 'practice' labor -Law School carried out labor education month series activities

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Youth is at the time,Labor Exhibition Fanghua。In order to implement the relevant requirements of strengthening the education of college students,Practicing the school's initiative on carried out labor practice in May,Law School takes education as the fundamental、Practical -oriented,Carry out "Let Youth 'Cultivation' '‘ Practice ’Labor Education Month。Event content covers volunteer services inside and outside the school、Farmland labor and practice of law generalization,bet365 sports betting loginCreate "the most glorious labor in the whole hospital、The most beautiful campus cultural atmosphere。

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May 19,Law School's "French Heart Warm Sun" volunteer service team to Jiuru Castle of Jiuru City in Jimo District to carry out voluntary labor,and organized a series of puzzle and healthy brains such as "Fun Interest Health · Gesture Dance" and "Fa Yun Chuanhua"。Volunteers pass on the spirit of labor while serving the elders,Contributions to building a harmonious society。

May 13th,Volunteers of Law School went to Beizhai Street to carry out "Civil Code" promotional activities。Answer questions through a turntable、Sandbag answering questions such as fun law games,In a relaxed and interesting form, it has popularized the marriage and family in the "Civil Code" to the community.、Neighborhood dispute、Production and operation, etc. It is closely related to life。Performing the social responsibility of the bet365 sports bettingscientific son in practice。

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Youth embrace land · Law school carried out farmland labor activities inside and outside the school

May,It is the spring of spring farming,The college actively carries out labor education relying on student farms on the school,hire professionals to lead students to flip the ground、Seeding、Weeding and other process work。Carefully designing farm culture,Naming "Qingqing Fa Mu" homophonic Farm (farm),The meaning of escorting the rule of law and social harmony with the meaning of youth strength。"Qingqing Wheat Field" in the garden is lush; "Green Garden" climbing wall rose、hydrangea、Wan Shouju is quietly ready;、Cucumber cucumber、Little Tomato and Pepper; Peach Tree and Blueberry Trees of Qingqing Orchards thrive。The "Qingqing Law Mu" farm of the Law School was rated in the SDU "Labor+" farm environmental beautification and cultural construction evaluation of the Qingdao Campus in 2024。

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bet365 sports betting appMay 18,Bet365 APP and Qingdao Lequan Planting Base Unveiling the unveiling ceremony of college students' social practice base was successfully held in Tianheng Town, Jimo District。After the ceremony,More than 70 students are personal practice under the guidance of the teacher and the guidance of the technical personnel,Complete the planting of more than a thousand sweet potato seedlings,The charm of the body will work。The college actively builds a new platform for social practice through cooperation,In the form of enriching student labor education、Exploring the new path of labor education。

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Youth Fu New Life · Law School Carrying out labor and creative activities

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early May,Law School organized "Boarding into Bao · Bing" spring "DIY potted activity,Leading college students feel the beauty of labor while turning waste into treasure。The students make full use of abandoned items,Make a unique vase。This activity enhances students' bet365 sports bettingenvironmental awareness,Guide the college students to practice the concept of green life with practical actions。

May 17,Law School held a dormitory safety and health inspection and "Yashe" excellent dormitory evaluation activity,Students actively participate,Actively create hygienic comfort、A warm and loving bedroom atmosphere。This activity strengthens the students' safety and health consciousness,Guide students to create an elegant environment with both hands。