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Knowing the Reading Club

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May 9,Knowing that the 3rd event of the reading club 2024 was held in the conference room 301 of Huagangyuan。This period of reading will share the human as the BET365 APP assistant researcher、Development instructor from the Cultural Academybet365 sports betting app, undergraduate counselorHuang Jingyi, PhD studentLi Ge, Sun Hao, Master GraduateZhuangshuo,and level 2021、2022 level、Grade 2023 Development mentor group members。

Speaking and free discussion links,Members of the Development instructor Group around the core point of view of the book "Researcher on the Street -Law and bet365 sports bettingbet365 sports bettingSocial Science Notes"、Research methods, etc., started a warm discussion。Li ChengyangModified the framework of this book,and analyzed the "reverse perspective" in Chapter 2 Section 1 in detail;Zhang JundiFrom writing style、Writing Technology、Writing theme three levels。Discuss the methodological guidance provided by this book;Chen XimingI think this book is ingenious,Elapse the characteristics of qualitative and quantitative research methods;Zhang JiahuiIt is pointed out that this book's views are greatly inspired,and focus on interpreting the "paradigm breakthrough";Zhang JunyiI think this book focuses on practical issues, especially vulnerable groups;Zou YuhaoLike the book viewpoint with the freshman seminar,The research method of the conversion perspective is explained;Zhao Yixiaoexperience of contacting your social practice,It is pointed out that researchers should go from knowledge to field,From academic to practice;Guo RukaiDiscuss the judiciary from the perspective of the parties,Social sciences as auxiliary means to develop laws;Ding QihanI think the author's sincerity of academics、Understanding of young people,ignited my enthusiasm for academics;Hu YutianFrom the perspective of the disadvantaged from the perspective of social life or institutional rules,Divided the disadvantaged groups into two categories and systematically demonstrated;Li MingfeiContact Criminal Law Knowledge from this semester,Discuss the principle of "exclusion habit",pointed out that "private" is the embodiment of China's social feelings and law;Wang Heya believes that the language of this book is simple andIt is easy to understand and has strong readability;Liu LuningCombined with Professor Zhou Guangquan's "Law of Criminal Law Learning",It is believed that the cross -fusion of law and other disciplines should be explored;Sui XinyanCombined with "Sending the Fa",It is believed that the existing theory in the West should be fully dialogue with the experience and facts of our country;RodinFrom rape case、Home violence、Legal guarantee three perspectives to explain to "feminism";Fan YueyueCombined with your own experience,Pointing out experience research、The importance of field exploration;Jin RuyiElaborates my views on French sociology,and shared the thinking and doubts about this book。

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In reviewing and summary,Li Ge, Sun HaoAnswer some doubts made by the students' keynote speeches and freedom discussions,How to read around、How to make suggestions using the research method;Huang JingyiPointing out that this book heavy is providing methodology,Express the active speeches and deep thinking of the students;Duan Jun ShangI believe that this book reflects the author's enthusiasm for academics、Pay attention to practice,I hope that students can also care about disadvantaged groups、Help each other with others,Constantly exploring the way of studying and living。

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"Standing on the school as the first,Learning to study by reading ",Reading can increase knowledge、Greed Vision。This issue knows that the reading club has cultivated the logical thinking and expression ability of students,It has also enhanced the students' understanding of the research method。


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