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Houlang and Fa · Fa · Shandong Excellent Graduate Style,bet365 sports bettingbet365 sports bettingourselves,Confidence

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Yu Guangyu,Female,Member of the Communist Party of China,Level 2020 undergraduate students in Law School,The current propaganda member and disciplinary inspection member of the second party branch of Bet365 APP undergraduate、Level 2020 Sino -Japanese Economic and Trade Legal Characteristics Class Secretary,former Deputy Minister of Campus Cultural Guidance Center, Shandong University (Qingdao) Youth League Working Committee、Shandong University (Qingdao) Rong Media Center Journalist Department Minister、Shandong University (Qingdao) YPD Qingwu Club and Deputy President of the Guitar Association of Shandong University (Qingdao) Guitar Association。Outstanding graduates from Shandong Province、Thousands of outstanding college students in Qingdao、Excellent graduates of Shandong University; three consecutive years of evaluating school -level academic scholarships and more than two special scholarships;、School -level outstanding student cadres、Examples of the example · The star of the annual group branch and other honorary titles; three consecutive years in the May 4th evaluation commendation, the school -level advanced individual,Covering innovation bet365 sports bettingbet365 sports betting loginand entrepreneurs、Volunteer bet365 appService、Society activities、Cultural and sports activities and other aspects;,The current volunteer service time is 359 hours。Once awarded 2023 Shandong University Exemption of Comprehensive Quality Exclude,Eventually exempt with the first grade of the grade; take the Japanese JLPT N2、Japanese CJT-4、Japanese JTEST E -Class and other certificates,and participate in the summer international exchange activities of Kazuyama University in 2022; pass the national unified legal vocational qualification examination。

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When did you realize that you are going to leave Shanqing?

It is the campus time of only morning and night after the internship,It is the face of the jumping and unfamiliar school siblings around when walking,It was originally a graduation activity that was thought to be far away but was in front of it,It is the figure of friends who run their own heads,See you in the mouth of the mouth。

Thank you for the training of the school for four years,parting is as soon as it is,Let me leave thank you,Take away memories,All the way north,Fate for a lifetime。

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Entering university first,Thanks to the rich resources of the school,I suddenly have a broad and free space,All kinds of student organizations、Various campus activities of the campus come into view。Maybe the curiosity and enthusiasm in the bones of Aries,I participated in all types of campus activities almost in my sophomore.,experienced college life。

At the school welcoming new party in 2020、Academy year -end party、Roadshow evenings, more than ten stages of large and small,I learned how to be a qualified host,Since 2022, I have transferred to bet365 sports bettingbet365 sports betting apkbehind the scenes,Start responsible for the selection and training of the host,Each host word、Each night dress、Each step to step down ... I understand enlightenment and inheritance。In the Reporter Group of Rong Media Center and the Youth League Working Committee,I learned how to operate the official website and maintain the public account,Learn how to perform character interviews and news reports,Each word of keyboard knocking、Every second in the recording、Every photo in the camera ... I know rigor and precipitation。In the Campus Cultural Guidance Center,How did I learn how to organize various types of campus activities,School Welcome Party、Beach Music Festival、Top Ten Singer、Zhilan March 3 ... From the previous design planning to the mid -term follow -up to the later period to reflect on the recovery,Each step of practical participation made me understand persistence and love。in ypd,I rotate dancing,It is a regret of comforting childhood;,I pierced the string,It is a dream to respond to youth。I clearly see,Shanda did not set me the boundary of exploration growth,I don’t have to set a limit for myself,The phrase "Life is the wilderness" is exactly my most authentic portrayal。I am also like the off -the -horses,Running freely on the vast field of the mountains。

In the promotional videos of the 40th anniversary of the law and science office of the Law School,I am a slightly cramped ignorant child,I just entered the school gate of Shan University; I believe at the graduation ceremony in the near future,I will be a clear student with a firm look,With a free soul,Go to the next Shanhai。

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bet365 sports bettingbet365 sports bettingourselves

bet365 sports betting app​​For a long time,I seem to be caught in the strange circle of "comparison"。"TA score is good,Gate can get high scores,There are so many scholarships ... but I don't seem to none "" TA is so beautiful,What clothes are good -looking ... but I am not beautiful "" Ta is too strong,I can win so many first prizes ... but I haven't reached the final "" TA personality is great,When can I be so calm when I can do it ... but I am always easy to worry. "" The TA simulation court must be good ... "

Always holding the strengths of others and your own shortcomings,I will only push myself further and further。Unfortunately, I didn't understand it at that time,But fortunately I understand now。

The results of the junior year declined,According to the insurance research rate of previous years,I am afraid that I will not be able to enter the circle。I am very panicked after the results,Ask the guide asked the elder sister,I want to go abroad if I want to go abroad,Missing thoughts。I sit by the sea,Blowing the sea breeze,Dry eyes and dry face,Ask yourself: "What kind of life do you want?" In the end, I decided to try to push out。After the goal is determined,I have also become a fixed member sitting in the first row,Learn from the Internet lesson with the online lesson,The documents have been polished over and over again,Go to every summer camp,Go to participate in the comprehensive quality and defense ... I have done everything I can do。But I am also worried,If in the end, I still can't study it,Where should I go? So I am also preparing to take the French test,Prepare Japanese n2 in one hand,If not, employment bet365 appor study abroad。From February 2023 to bet365 appSeptember,Only home when I go to N2 when I go to N2,I only shed tears in my dreams,Mums case analysis that is not good at。

Fortunately, it is finally "learning"!

And this experience also made me realize,Recycling your own attention inward,Put it on self -evaluation,The point is to set goals for yourself、Arrange roads,instead of excessive views and evaluations in the unexpected world、Excessive dependence on external experience and mode,Body and mind will realize their own state -I love myself,Love me peaceful life,Love me without fear of difficulties,Love me inside and outside,Love me everything。I fully understand myself,Fully respect yourself,Trust yourself full。I will always be my own supporters,Treat every paragraph at all times。

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So what kind of life do you want? I still seem to be looking for answers。

The fixed answer is not available,Because experience is constantly enriching,Knowing is constantly deepening,The answer that is set now,Will it definitely be approved in the future?

So I still choose freedom、bet365 sports bettingbet365 sports bettingourselves、Confident,Experience the next life。

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"May you have enough cloud in your life,Come to create a beautiful dusk "。Four years of mountain green,It is the immortal golden porder in my life。Goodbye!