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Bet365 APP2023-2024 Summer Social Practice Social Practice Council Council Defense Meeting will be successfully carried out

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On the evening of June 19,Law School 2023-2024 The Summer Social Practice of the Academic Year Social Practice will be held online。This defense will bet365 sports betting bet365 appappbe by the Counselor of the Law School、Tian、Lu Yiran、Huang Jingyi、Fu Cong and the branch of each class served as judges。

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After the host introduces the rules,Defense will officially start。This defense revolves around the theme of "Showing Youth as a manifestation of youthful contribution to youth",A total of 39 teams participated in the defense。The representatives of each team will introduce social practice projects in turn,After 3 minutes of PPT display,The students clearly and efficiently explain the social practice topic and practice plan bet365 appof the team,Show the enthusiasm of bet365 appstudents from the law school to participate in social practice。

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Shouzheng as the original,Innovation is for。39 teams keep up with current affairs hotspots,Adhering to the spirit of innovation,Rich the theme of the project,Diverse levels,Involved in the exploration of school history、Volunteer Public Welfare、Agriculture and support education and other topics。Multiple teams take the background of the legal professional as the starting point,Use the professionalism of law,Give full play to your own advantages,Perform targeted research bet365 sports betting apkand practice of current political hotspots,Learn bet365 appto implement the party's 20th spirit with actual actions,Contribute youthful power on the social stage。

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During the defense period,Depending on the judges listening carefully,Carefully and rigorously score for the teams。At the same time,Each team takes this opportunity to learn from each other,Long -term tonic,Integrate the practical process of this team,Prepare for follow -up practice。

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This wonderful response meeting,Show us the solid professional knowledge of the students of the law and the spiritual bet365 sports betting apkstyle of the dare to be the first。I hope that the teams will be able bet365 appto keep innovation,Stable and far away,Perfect various practical tasks。