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Law School organizes "Copy anxiety with books" reading club

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On the evening of June 7,Hosted by the second level of psychological counseling station of the Law School、The "Books Copy Emergency" reading will be held smoothly。Reading Club uses the recommendation of the bet365 sports betting bet365 sports betting apkappbibliography of the secondary psychological counseling station as the topic,Psychological members of each class to share the experience and perception of the bibliography。Counselor Huang Jingyi participated in the reading club and shared。

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Qin Ruilin shared "Mr. Toad Go to see the psychiatrist",Focus on sharing the content of emotional expression in the book,Reflect that I am self -state to children、Thinking of parents' self -state and adult self -state,Copy the anxiety mentality in every stage of life; Wang Xijie shared his understanding of psychological counseling by reading bet365 sports betting bet365 applogin"Mr. Toad to see the psychologist",resonance with the growth of the characters in the book,In the experience of the character in "The Heart of the Adults" in "The Oyster Is the Burning Oyster",Learn social skills and methods in the book "Talk to anyone"; Wang Jinghui tells the four stories in "The shell is the heart of the adult" and the thinking that each story brings to her : People grow up in an instant,Love itself is more important than success or failure,When facing various choices, follow your own heart,Breaking through the ring road only lacks a little courage; bet365 sports bettingbet365 appTian Weijing first introduced the main content of "Mr. Toad Go to see the psychologist",Combining the current Week current,Focus on sharing correct understanding、Some methods to regulate emotions,A reasonable explanation of anxiety in life with the perception brought by books。

Last,How does Huang Jingyi identify on student cadres、Dutch students at the end of the period,Effectively carry out psychological counseling of peers to share,Confidence that "all problems will be properly resolved" to students,Help students prepare for the exam efficiently、bet365 sports betting bet365 sports bettingapkHappy growth,and answer the questions from the students。