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The theme psychological lecture of "Graduate and Peer Pressure and Copper" was successfully held

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In order to further implement the requirements of mental bet365 appbet365 sports betting loginbet365 apphealth education,Guarantee students' mental health,June 7,Law School held the theme psychological lecture of "Graduate and Peer Pressure and Response"。This event was as a guest speaker with Graduate Counselor of Law School,Tell the students about the countermeasures under the pressure of graduate students。

Lu Yiran combined with the questionnaire data,Stress judgment and perception of students、Analysis of the source of diet and sleep status and pressure。She said that nearly 80%of bet365 appbet365 sports betting loginthe current classmates are more under pressure,It mainly comes from academic pressure and employment pressure。Subsequent,Lu Yiran takes sensory deprivation experiments as an example,Remind students to take the impact of the pressure correctly,Change the cognition of stress,You can exercise、Meditation or psychological counseling adjustment pressure。

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This lecture aims to help students understand and face pressure,Publicity bet365 sports betting apkand popularization of bet365 appbet365 sports betting apkpsychological health knowledge,Establishing mental health awareness,Improve the psychological quality of students。Through this lecture,Students have a deeper understanding of the sources and perception of the pressure between students,Improving self -awareness and understanding of pressure response methods,Promoting the improvement and development of students' mental health。