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Shandong Provincial Excellent Graduate Shao Yan: Pen Farm Field,"Research" paste blossom

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Shao Yan,Bet365 APP2021 Level Law (Illegal) Professional Master's Graduate Student,Graduation of Shandong Province in 2024。The "Interpretation and Application of Administrative Penalty Law" as the first author (a total of 152,000 words),Published by China Legal Press,The book is absorbing the Legal Working Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress、Based on the interpretation of the authority of the Supreme People's Court and other departments,Combined with actual writing。I have won national scholarships、Shandong University President Award、First -class academic scholarship、Excellent Graduate Model、The Star of the League Branch and other honors。Through 2024 Shandong Province special selection test,Admitted by the Weifang Intermediate People's Court。

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Writing a book is a long and challenging process。As a graduate student,Academic research is the main theme of her life,Edited "Interpretation and Application of Administrative Penalty Law" is the stress in this melody。She described: "The process of writing a book is long and difficult,Especially this book needs to interpret and apply legal provisions,So you need to be careful and patient。”

In the eyes of the teacher,Shao Yan is a calm、Student students,So during the second cold vacation period,bet365 sports bettingThe bet365 sports betting apkteacher commissioned her to dock with the publisher,Completion of the writing of this book。Because the content of the book mainly focuses on the detailed interpretation of laws and regulations and the application of guidance cases,Need to be very cautious,So the teacher not hesitated to recommend her。When talking about the creation process of this book,Shao Yan admits that at first I did not know that this book will be published,So did not complete the creation with utilitarian mind,It's just "Do your best to do the current things"。

Before writing a book,Press editor sent a few boxes of reference materials。Face these materials,She started the time of "Gan Sit cold bench" often said in the mouth of scholars,She who wrote the first time,Just set foot on the unknown journey in the pile of materials。But Shao Yan did not feel afraid,Instead, choose a meticulous attitude,Review one by one、Integrate these information,Continuously modified according to the opinions put forward by the editor,"What I can do is comprehensively、Carefully organize the material,Explanation accurately、Cases correspond to the law,Work hard to make the manuscript closer to perfect。"" It is because of such a solid attitude and peaceful heart,Shao Yan got this valuable opportunity。During the process of repeatedly polishing the manuscript with the editor, she also exercised her carefulness and patience,Gradually developed her more rigorous writing habits。

Looking back on this experience,Shao Yan said with emotion: "Do the things in your hand first,Waiting for happiness to knock on the door。"She will always be fortunate that she has no internal consumption,but do everything around you。

The legal person who is far away, do the practice of practice

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bet365 sports bettingShao Yan's legal journey is practical exploration of practical practice。In court、In the internship experience of the Judicial Office and other places in the past year,Organize more than 100 case volumes、Participate in multiple trials、Write more than 50 judgments、Participate in the publicity work of law popularization、Help staff to mediate folk disputes、Experience of the comprehensive management of social security,Let her deeply understand,Real Law is not just the provisions displayed on the book,It is fairness and justice in the hands of every judiciary。She witnessed a transition from paper to reality in a case,Feeling the warmth behind the law。"The legal ideal in the textbook is beautiful,But really let the justice take root,It is the obscure legal person ", Shao Yan emotional。

Internship is not only Shao Yan's extension of legal knowledge,It is a baptism of her ideal ideal。In this experience,She saw the responsibility and responsibility of the legal person,It also strengthened my determination to devote myself to the legal cause。In the court's internship career,Shao Yan encountered a case that impressed her,The judge responsible for the case was an older woman,She went to the scene to investigate with the team in person,Deficiency of the existence of the project,I hope that the two parties will minimize unnecessary losses as much as possible within the acceptable range。The entire mediation work is full of challenges,Even if you encounter a lot of difficulties,Judge still patiently mediate,Even threatened did not shake her determination。"She not only has rich judicial experience,More admirable professional bet365 appattitude,There is warmth,Not afraid of bet365 apptrouble,Always take the interests of both parties first。"Shao Yan during the entire mediation process,I was deeply attracted by the professional quality of the judge,Let her understand the meaning of becoming an excellent legal person,She realized,Each line text、Each mediation,All contributions to social fairness,is the insistence on the spirit of the rule of law,A magnificent fairness and justice is not in the papers of scholars,Not in the speech of the classmates,It is really in the hands of every judicial person。Shao Yan said,"Internship is not like learning,Can't get a bright return in the short term,But it gives me a deeper understanding of the discipline of Law,I also have a deeper love for this discipline,Help me strengthen my career ideal in the future -Become a judge,With my director,Back to society。"" ",Shao Yan applied for the Weifang Intermediate People's Court,Continue to move forward on the road of law。

Teachers and friends, do graduate students for comprehensive development

Shao Yan's graduate life is far more than the vast sea of ​​books and Suspu Court。Under the leadership of the mentor Duan Junshang and the accompanying friends with friends,Her "research journey" adds a lot of color。The mentor not only gives students the precious guidance academic,I gave everyone the meticulous care in life。The academic pressure of Yiyi made her feel heavy,But with mentor、Play badminton with the same door、Cherry picking and outdoor mountaineering activities,Let her graduate life rejuvenate a new vitality。In a relaxed and happy atmosphere,Shao Yan felt the warmth from the mentor and the same door。Encouraged by Teacher bet365 sports betting apkDuan's encouragement,Whether it is academic bet365 sports bettingresearch or every bit of life,Shao Yan made an attempt and breakthrough again and again。In terms of sports and sports activities,She actively participated in the badminton competition of the law school、Class chorus competition and sports festival activities。"Participating in cultural and sports activities can not only improve sports beauty and cultivation,It will also help me relax。While sweating,Stress and anxiety will also be released。Graduate life should not be depressed,Divided life,It should be colorful。"is exactly in this environment,She learned how to balance academic and life,How to maintain an optimistic and positive attitude in the face of challenge。

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Shao Yan shared at the President's Prize Elite

On the field of knowledge,She uses pen as a plow,Deep cultivation,Unremitting to explore the meaning of the law; on the journey of searching,She does not forget her original heart,Not afraid of wind and rain,Let every step grow up unique glory。Shao Yan used her actions to interpret what he really learned about it,Knowledge and Film One。In the temple of law,Shao Yan not only harvested the fruit of knowledge,More deeply understanding the weight of fairness and justice。Her story inspires every student on the dream road,Whether it is under the lone light of the book,Still on the broad stage of society,All you can uphold the heart,Study forward。

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