Shandong University 2024-2025 The first semester of the academic year undergraduate selection notice
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2024-2025 The autumn semester selection work will begin on June 21。Please visit the undergraduate selection system of Shandong University for selection system during the specified time。The relevant arrangements will be notified as follows:

1. Course selection arrangement

2024-2025 The autumn semester selection work of the school year is on the "Smart Teaching Management Service Platform",Please carefully read the guide to selection operations before choosing a course (see Annex 1)The arrangement of this course selection and the positive selection stage will be arranged on June 21, 2024 10: 00-July 3rd at 16:00。Rebuer selection arrangement is in the second week of the start of the school.,Students who are resting do not need to choose a course。The college is responsible for reminding students to pay attention to the requirements for choosing courses and give guidance。

(1) Pre -selection stage

Pre-selection time: June 21, 2024 10: 00-June 26th 16:00。

​​All students must select the course according to the professional execution plan,In the pre -selection stage, the school's selection and general core courses can only choose 1 door for each person。The serial number of the whole school selection class is "900" and above,The core number of the general courses of generals is "600-699",Please choose the corresponding course。

(II) Selection stage

Positive selection time: June 28, 2024 10: 00-July 3rd at 16:00。

During the selection period,The number of courses with the number of courses is greater than the school's selection courses and bet365 sports betting apkthe core courses of the generals.,StudentYou must click on the lottery and press New,Complete the lottery operation。The lottery is random operation,It has nothing to do with the lottery time,Those who do not participate in the lottery are deemed to give up automatically。Those who are not signed can choose other courses at this stage or choose this course in other semester。

Please pay attention to the course selection of the college at any time,Course if you need to draw,Please complete the signing operation in the system before 16:00 on June 27th,For the specific operation method, see Figure 1。The lottery process is irreversible,If the signature is not completed within the specified time,The system can no longer make up for。

Figure 1. Curriculum signing operation method

The number of courses of less than 20 people with less than 20 people、General Core Course、Particular selection courses of less than 10 people will be stopped after the end of the positive selection,If you need to stop,Please start the units in July4Recently completed the stop operation in the system,For specific operation methods, see Figure 2,Stopping the course will notify the teacher by the starting unit.

Figure 2. Course stop operation method

(3) Refusaling stage (rebuilt students at this stage selected courses)

2024-2025 The first week of the opening week of the school year is the audition week,The second week of students can follow the audition situation,Make up for the dissatisfaction course、Modification、Retreat,Determine the results of the final course selection。After the re -election is over,Each starting unit is responsible for checking the selection list。

After the refund election is over, the school will close the course selection system.

2. Precautions

(1) Preparation before class selection

Please check the semester execution plan before choosing a class,The selected courses (except for the selection of the whole school) must be the course in the teaching plan,Its curriculum number must be exactly the same as the curriculum number in the teaching plan。Course opened in the semester execution plan,You can find it in the class table,Must be selected according to the class schedule (see the guidelines for the selection operation operation of the plan and class table inquiry method)。

Unified identity authentication platform password reset method For details:。

(2) Election class of physical education

Shandong University's physical education course is a compulsory course,Undergraduate、The second grade physical education course is completed in 4 semesters,1 credit per semester,A total of 4 credits。Sports lessons include multiple sports projects,The School of Physical Education teaches according to sports。

Start from level 2022,Each campus of Jinan,Sports classes adopt a new training plan,The main change is to change from the original bet365 sports betting apptwo -year exercise project to one year to learn one exercise,Two bet365 sports betting appsports projects in two years。To ensure the continuity of teaching,Start from level 22,We move students in sports (1) class to class to sports (2) the same class,Sports (3) Students in the class move to sports (4) the same class。Qingdao Campus In principle, studying the same sports in principle is unchanged。

Each campus of Jinan,Level 2023 students need to choose new sports projects,24-25-1 Sports selected in the semester (3) must not be the same as the sports items selected in the 23-24-2 semester。That is the two school years,Should choose different sports projects。

Contact:HorseTeacher (Undergraduate Education Secretary of the School of Physical Education).

Contact information: 88395574.

(3) International Undergraduate Student Class

According to the guidance opinion of the internationalization curriculum construction plan of Shandong University and the international undergraduate talent training plan,The autumn semester of 2024 offers the following general courses for international undergraduates,Please do a good job in the guidance of international undergraduate students in each college,If you have any questions, you can contact Teacher Yu, Teacher Yu, Teacher: 88363406。

(4) The Course of "His Majesty Innovation Lecture Hall"、"Qilu Entrepreneurship Lecture Hall" course selection

1. Course name Note "(His Majesty Innovation)" belongs to the "His Majesty Innovation Lecture Hall" course,Course name Injects "(Qilu Entrepreneurship)" belongs to the "Qilu Entrepreneurship Lecture Hall" course。

2. "His Majesty's Innovation Lecture Hall" course、"Qilu Venture Lecture Hall" course corresponds to 4 innovative and entrepreneurial honors in the 2017 version of the training plan、2020 Edition training plan 4 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Plan Credit Credit。

3. Most of the curriculum adopts online+offline hybrid classroom mode,Recently, the start of the next semester will be announced on the undergraduate school website。

Contact person: Teacher Wang (Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship College).

Contact number: 88361607.

(5) The core course selection of the core course of the 2017 Edition Training Program:

Full -time undergraduate students must be cultivated in Chinese studies within the prescribed period of study、Three course modules of innovation and entrepreneurship and art aesthetics each take at least 2 credits,Full -time undergraduate students must be cultivated in Chinese studies within the prescribed period of study,Students awarded the humanities or social science degree,Should take at least 2 credits in each natural science and engineering technology curriculum module; students who award natural science and engineering technical degrees,Should take at least 2 credits in the humanities and social science curriculum modules),A total of at least 10 general education core courses must be completed,Fang can get graduation qualifications。

(6) Class selection instructions for the core course of general education in the 2020 training plan:

1. Credit requirements: bet365 sports betting appRequires the general courses of generally taken at least 10 credits within the time of the studies。

2.10 Credit Graduation Basic Requirement Course Selection Instructions: All full -time undergraduates study Chinese Cultivation 2 Credit、Art Aesthetic 2 credits; the remaining 6 credits are selected in the other five festivals: where,Given philosophy、Economics、Law、Education、Literature、History、Management、Students of art degree,In Natural Science、Engineering Technology、Information Society Curriculum Module at least 4 credits,The rest of the credits can be selected in the five modules;、Engineering、Students at medical degrees,In the humanistic discipline、Social science module is at least 2 credits,The rest can be taken in the five modules。

3. Meet the courses other than the above 10 credits graduation requirements,You can take any module in the seven modules。

(Seven) No course selection procedures shall not participate in the assessment of related courses

(8)According to the spirit of the Department of Education and the relevant documents of Shandong Province,From 2023-2024 academic year,No study courses will be offered during the summer,Please check the courses of the individual in time according to the training plan,Complete the teaching plan on time。

(9) Students in arrears cannot choose courses

School selection system and student payment system have been connected,Students of arrears can not participate in courses,Please pay for the classmates to pay in time before choosing a course and choose a course on time。Students who exceed the time of the course selection time,I will not be able to choose a course。Payment successful after 20 minutes,Students can log in to the course selection system for selection。

Students in arrears, please log inShandong University payment platform for payment. Specific website:。

Consultation of the Ministry of Finance: 88364534.

In order to ensure the smooth car selection work,Please conscientiously do the organization and management of students' selection、Curriculum supervision and consulting service。If you encounter problems in the course selection process, please consult the academy's teaching teacher。Contact information bet365 sports bettingof Teaching Management personnel see attachment 2。

In addition,In order to ensure the smooth selection of courses,At present, two curriculum selection system technical consultation QQ group,Students who encounter problems when choosing a course can enter the group for consultation。Technical Consultation QQ group number of the course selection system: 684442644 or 517339684 (entry verification method: school number+name)。

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June 18, 2024

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