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The second experience law youth academic salon was held in Changsha, Hunan
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A few days ago,from Shandong University Human Rights Research Center、Hunan University Digital Law-Metrology Law Research Center and the Second Experience Law Youth Academic Salon, jointly organized by the Key Laboratory of Empirical Law of Sichuan University and the Key Law of Sichuan University, held in Changsha, Hunan Province。

From Oklahoma State University、Sam Houston State University、Old Dominion University、Tulane University、Wayne State University、George Mason University、University of Massachusetts、Tsinghua University、Peking University、Sichuan University、Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、Zhejiang University、Shandong University、Zhongnan University、Hunan University、University of Foreign Economics and Trade、Southwest University of Finance and Economics、Guangdong University of Foreign Studies、Zhejiang University Urban College and other domestic and foreign universities、Experts and scholars from the Research Institute,"Journal of Shandong University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition)" editorial department、Experts from the editorial department of "Huxiang Law Review" participated in this discussion。

At the beginning of the meeting,Editor -in -chief of the Law of Huxiang Law、Professor Qu Maohui at the Law Academy of Hunan University's Law Institute for opening a speech,Express warm welcome to the guests participating in the academic salon,and expressed deep expectations for the participation of young scholars at home and abroad to participate in legal empirical research。

This year's experience law youth academic salon is based on the vision of "legal empirical research: bet365 sports betting loginDomestic and International" as the topic,Establishing "Quantitative Law Research: Similar Simination of Domestic and International Vision", "Qualitative Law Research: Domestic Simultaneous Simultaneous Simultaneous Views" and "How to Facing the Challenge of the Digital Era?,Young scholars at home and abroad are open around data、Periodical published、Two types of empirical research methods value and other focus problems,I have launched a fierce debate in a tense and lively atmosphere。

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Zhang Chuanxi, a special associate researcher at Zhejiang University City College, presided over the first topic,Yijia Lu from the assistant professor of George Mason University in the United States first first from domestic and foreign legal education、Cross -study of law and other disciplines、Research method diversity and limitations and research methods change and challenges are shared。

Hu Changming, an associate researcher at the Institute of Law of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、Legal Evidence Research Articles Published Dilemma、Difficulties in the empirical research and research and training system of laws of law, etc., summarized the challenges of empirical law research in domestic and foreign research at home and abroad。

Associate Professor Xia Yifei of the Law School of Southwest University of Finance and Economics, associates the point of response to Teacher Lu Yijia and Teacher Hu Changming from law research and SSCI submission.。Combined with your past review experience,Associate Professor Xia Yifei believes that domestic scholars quoted the proportion of English literature low、Poor translation quality,It is recommended that young scholars actively integrate into international academic dialogue、Find the global significance and contribution of research issues; and through emerging methods such as crowdfunding,Establish a shared data channel,Get for empirical research、Data module of quantitative research,With the cooperation of strengthening the training of empirical research teachers and improving the level of empirical research and education,Promoting the effective development of domestic legal evidence research。

In the discussion link,Professor He Haibo, School of Law School of Tsinghua University,Young scholars in empirical legal research can organize workshops,Discussion of the first draft of the manuscript,Even the framework thinking can be explored。You can freely express opinions in the workshop、Help each other with each other。This online work method can be effectively collaborated,Avoid legal research into blind depth and complexity,Effectively improve the quality of the article。Teacher He Haibo agrees with Teacher Xia Yifei's point of view,and add instructions,bet365 sports betting loginDomestic and International journals have differences in topic preferences,Scholars should pay attention to and pay attention to academic aesthetic preferences for different types of journals。

The Department of Crime and Criminal Justice of Wein State University,Wayne State University) Assistant professor Siying Guo and "Social Science Edition" Editor Su Jie of Shandong University bet365 sports betting loginJournal (Social Science Edition) also participated in the discussion。

Topics 2: Qualitative Law Research: Domestic and International Vision

Assistant Professor Wang Zhong of Hunan University School of Law, Teacher Wang Zhong as the host of the topic 2,And first shared the experience and confusion of qualitative research and articles in the process of articles in the process of articles,Acknowledging that qualitative research and quantitative research have the same position,and further invite the participants to share different opinions。

The Department of Sociology of Dulan University (Department of Sociology, Tulane University) Assistant professor Xin Jiang analyzed quantitative research limitations、The importance of qualitative research and the necessity of the combination of the two,Encourage scholars to actively carry out research methods combining quantitative and qualitative,Breakthrough two research methods each limit,Promote and promote academic research development。

Xin Yanyu, a lecturer at the University of Southwest University of Finance and Economics, has experienced the quantitative analysis of criminal judgments in the past,It is believed that the referee documents can be used as an effective bridge for fusion and qualitative and quantitative research,Promote the limitation of making up for a single method by using a mixed research method、Promoting the comprehensiveness of research results。

Associate Professor Xiaojin Chen (Tulane University), Xiaojin Chen, expressed preference for fixed research,It is believed that the pursuit of quantitative analysis may be separated from reality,Leading the conclusion "Cold Bing"; qualitative research can sometimes reveal some of the hidden details in the demonstration process。Deputy Professor Chen Xiaochen pointed out,Promoting and developing legal studies by quantitative research and qualitative research,Can promote scholars more comprehensive、Understand the problem in depth、Reveal the complexity of society,More practical value。

Professor Zeng Zeng from the School of Law of the University of Foreign Studies from Guangdong Starting from the definition of qualitative research,Through in -depth examples, the importance of distinguishing qualitative and quantitative research on high -quality research will be explained in detail。Professor Zeng Ye also shared his experience and experience in quantitative analysis methods and qualitative empirical research,Discuss the specific application and relationship between the two research methods in the study of legal research with the participating young scholars。

Topics 3: How to face the challenges of the digital age? The contribution of domestic and international vision

Teacher Zhou Article of the Institute of Human Rights Research Center of Shandong University Presided by the topic three discussions,Challenges based on the digital age proposes "What is the boundary of the digital era challenge?" And "How to deal with the challenges of the digital age?"。

Special Researcher Zhou Xiang, a special researcher at Zhejiang University, believes,Artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT can effectively promote data analysis automation,Empirical researchers, bet365 appespecially young scholars, will face the challenge of development space and limitation of survival space。

Lecturer Liu Xing, a lecturer at Hunan University of Technology, combined with the experience of using digital technology such as ChatGPT,Acknowledge the value of artificial intelligence products in the digital era,Encourage young scholars to organically combine existing research methods and digital technology,Research on expanding future legal evidence。

Assistant Researcher Shi Jiahui, a assistant researcher at Sichuan University, combined with the distinction between Chinese and foreign legal systems and practice,Taking Criminal Law as a focus,Share digital technology is expanding the law enforcement dimension of public power、Multi -facetity in the privacy of citizens' personal privacy,State attributes that emphasize technology and law,Should analyze specific。

Associate Professor Kuang Kai School of Law School of Central South University Refined Analysis of the Connotation of Digital Age,Summarize "Digitalization of Research Objects and Contents", "Regulations of the Chinese Data Election Market" and "Information Data Process Information and Intelligent" challenges,Application in litigation around WeChat chat、Government's management functions and specifications on the data element market、The impact of digital technology on some occupations,Discuss the challenges of the digital age。

In the final review link,The Department of Sociology, Oklahoma State University) Professor Bin Liang recognizes the comprehensiveness and deepness of the meeting exchanges and thinking,Appreciation and encouragement of the thought collision of the participating scholars and guests under each issue。Professor Liang Bin reminded,For the digital era、Big data concepts, etc., should maintain a critical view,The hot current situation of digital technology is rationally viewed,Follow the factual dilemma of digital technology promotion; scholars must better understand the digital age、Use digital technology,Look at the opportunities and challenges of the digital age with a development vision。

College of Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University) Professor Zhang Yan (Zhan) also participated in the discussion,Remind all scholars to distinguish between science and law rationally,Play the foundation for future research。

Closing ceremony

After the academic discussions of each issue are over,Participants participated in the deputy dean of the Hunan Institute of Smart Law、The "Tenth Quantitan Law Forum and International Academic Symposium 2 Experience Law Youth Academic Salon" hosted by Professor Wang Wensheng, deputy dean of Hunan University Law School,。Deng Peng, Director of Beijing Kangda (Changsha) Law Firm, and Secretary of the Party Branch of Hunan Ruijie Law Firm、Director Tan Yuanman made a closing ceremony for the closing ceremony,Congratulations to the successful success of the forum。

Editor -in -chief of the Law of Huxiang Law、Professor Qu Maohui at the Law School of Hunan University made a wonderful bet365 appsummary of this meeting,Point out that this forum from a research perspective、Research methods and research theories have made positive contributions to the academic community; many scholars at home and abroad、Guests gathered together,Promoting old friends to improve communication、New friends know each other's big platform,expanded research and theoretical vision; academic circles should combine standardized research and empirical research on their respective advantages,Promoting Chinese legal academic research、Promote the construction of the rule of law in China。



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