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Qiao Wei (1932-1997),Also known as Qiao Muqing,Heilongjiang people,1955 Graduated from the Law Department of Jilin University,In 1983, he applied to Shandong University to form a legal department and appointed as the director of the department,Once the president of the Chinese Legal History Research Association、Chief Legal Counselor of the People's Government of Shandong Province,The title of "Middle -aged and Middle -aged Experts with outstanding contributions" granted by the state。

Qiao Wei, Born in 1932 in a poor peasant family in Linkian County, Heilongjiang Province。He witnessed the unyielding struggle of the Chinese nation's resistance to foreign insults,The young mind has been pregnant with a strong personality of resistance and oppression。After the victory of the Anti -Japanese War,He enters Democratic Middle School,Start receiving party education。1948,He participated in the land reform movement that has entered the climax,After being assigned to the people's government of Heilongjiang Province after work,Editor of the Secretary of the Provincial President and Editor -in -law。Qiao Wei said during the recall of this experience: "The deepest thing I realize is that the revolution needs knowledge。The more knowledge about the revolutionaries,The more contributions to the revolution will be greater。"This experience has become his motivation of abandoning politics and studying。

1951,He was admitted to the Department of Law, Renmin University of Northeast China (now Jilin University) with excellent results。The exquisite lecture of the famous master Su Xue seduces the youth view of this ravine,His hand is not released、Reading and writing habits that are constantly writing are developed at this time。Four years,His academic performance is all excellent,and often write for newspapers and periodicals,Become a special current affairs commentator of "Jilin Daily"。After graduation,He was fortunate to be a famous educator for a time、Secretary of Kuang Yaming, then president of Jilin University。When Premier Zhou Enlai issued the slogan "Entering Science" in 1956,Qiao Wei began to appear on the university law forum with the vitality of Fenghua Zhengmao。In three years, constitutional studies have been taught、Labor Law、Civil Law and other courses,At that time, the only two national legal journals "Journal bet365 sports betting bet365 sports betting apploginof Beijing Political Sciences" and "Research on Political and Law" also left the record of Qiao Muqing。

But the misunderstanding of history push him into the abyss again。He was put on the "right" hat and sent to the farm for labor transformation。His companions said: "Qiao Wei's exclusive two are the most: the best labor attitude,The worst attitude of pleading guilty。"Many people joked that he was" stubborn young and right right "。His often chanting Mr. Xu Beihong's sentence with a section: "People can have no pride,But you must not have no pride。"The indestructible is his meaning of his name Qiao Muqing。

Three -year "Labor Transformation Life" finally passed,But the pollution that could not be dropped politically still made him look at it separately,The library has become his refuge。In this endless world,He found the starting point of his career,From this "Seven Strategy"、"Hanshu & Middot; Arts and Wen Zhi"、"Summary of the Four Caber All Books" does not leave it。Eight -year Expo Diligence,Not only does he learn from the directory、Version of the study touched the door path that entered the history of history,And can swim in the classics、History、Zi、In the Sea of ​​Hanhai。Millions of words of reading notes、More than 20 million words "Hidden Chinese Local Chronicle"、More than 300,000 words of the arguments are all over at this time。These are Maoye fruits cultivated by his life。

August 1978,He has returned to the Legal Department of Jilin University, who has been away for 20 years。He later summarized his own years with a description of Huai Shi: Zhao Zhao Xue,Ten years of armpits have become fur。Just the sunset is infinitely good,Mo Zhi aspirations to East Stream。Just the sunset is infinitely good,Ascending Yuanwang Road Man -Man。Ascending Yuanwang Road Man -Man,Life fun is pursuing。

May 1979,He is designated as a lecturer,In December of the same year, he was upgraded to an associate professor。In 1983,promoted to professor in 1985,After becoming a famous Chinese and foreign jurists。

Professor Qiao Wei is known in the law and modern world for its Broadcom。His academic perspectives and legal ideas are manifested in the study of ancient law and the study of modern law。

In 1973, the "Gang of Four" borrowed the Confucian Conspiracy to achieve political conspiracy,He started to study the opposition and interconnection of the two Confucian and French,and wrote "The Source of the Thought of the Law of Shangyang"、"First Exploration of the Thought of Wang Baba" and other articles,The opposition between the two Confucianism and the law and the law on the issues of rituals and the law and the future of the Chinese politics and legal ideas of Confucianism and law are clear.,strongly refuted some people's beautification of Qin Shihuang for some people at the time for the positive left politics,It also clearly clears all the fabrications that people impose to Xunzi。After 1979,His above -mentioned papers have been successively in "Philosophy Research"、"Social Science Front"、"Culture History and Philosophy" and other publications published,Fresh of its writing、Deepness of thought、Full of the argument,left a deep impression for people。

Professor Qiao Wei entered the field of legal system history research in the research and expansion of ancient Chinese legal ideas。At the beginning of the end of the "Cultural Revolution",On the question of what research objects are based on the history of Chinese legal system,The academic community still attacked the "history of state and legal power" mode introduced by the Soviet Union in the 1950s,bet365 sports bettingThe bet365 sports bettingdisadvantage of this model clearly shows that the history of the history of the political system is replaced by the history of the legal system。Based on this understanding,Professor Qiao Wei first put forward the point of view that should be separated from the history of political system and the history of the legal system。Qiao said to propose,immediately triggered a discussion of the "Chinese Legal History Research Object" nationwide,There are 5 views on the debut,The result of the discussion is that most legal historians agree with him。Based on this discussion as a sign,The subject of the Chinese Legal History has finally completed the change of the foreign model,Later, the universal national unified textbook "History of Chinese Legal System" is based on the unified understanding of this discussion as the setting system and content。

Ancient Chinese Legislative Legal Legislation,From the long stream of Qingyuan from the summer solstice,continuous,It has a profound impact and unique in the world。The legal system with Chinese law as a model is rich and developed, known as the "Chinese Law Department"。Features of the Chinese Law Department,Professor Qiao Wei thinks,"The combination of ritual law is the basic characteristic of the Chinese law。The characteristics of the Chinese Law Department are similar to the characteristics of the Chinese feudal legal system but are not homogeneous,The latter focuses on its class,The former focuses on its nationality "。Qiao Wei's point of view,The research of legal ideas was introduced into the research of institutional history,So it is called the "three points theory" with Chen Chaoyi、Zhang Jinfan's "Six -point theory" of the "Basic Point Theory"。

In the ancient Chinese legal system,The codes that can be lifted up and down are the Tang law left by the Tang Dynasty in the early Tang Dynasty.。Professor Qiao Wei is one of the scholars who have studied Tang Lu's early start。Time for the past ten years,His accumulated hair,"Research on the Tang Law" written as hundreds of thousands of words written in the ocean,And the first research on the comparative research of ancient law and modern law。After published by Joe,The evaluation of the income is "This is the most systematic system that we can see in the 40 years that we can see in the past 40 years、Comprehensive works ",and due to its comprehensiveness、Historical reference won the first prize of outstanding social sciences in Shandong Province。

Discarding and discarding are the two basic skills of scholars' history。It requires historians to be able to get in and get out。Professor Qiao Wei pays attention to the cultivation of basic skills from the day of studying history。From the binding of the law and history, he takes off the essence and dross of history,Its basic idea is "studying ancient laws to establish modern law"。

Professor Qiao Wei's academic talent is except for the 5,000 -year -old world in ancient China,In the field of modern law, it is also often led by。In the early 1950s,He feels different from general illegal acts and serious violations of social harm,Written the first paper in jurisprudence。 "Cultural Revolution" has ended for more than ten years,He published "Reflection on Law theory Research"、"On Human Rights" and other outstanding articles。Whenever the basic theoretical issues of law,He has noticed the essence of the controversy and the method of breakthroughs with his academic keen force,and inject the power in the family。On him,I smell the strong atmosphere of the times。

Professor Qiao Wei is not only a jurist who combines the rhythm of the times,It is still a legal worker involved bet365 sports bettingin bet365 sports betting appjudicial practice。His special experience made him understand,Extraction and inferiority are often linked with the freedom of speech of the parties,Therefore, he often turns his knowledge into the mouthpiece of the people。As a famous lawyer,He appeared in court to defend、A proxy cases are not countless,The "Lawyer Manual" that he wrote and published shortly after his lawyer system recovered,It was a lawyer at that time and even a judge、Affairs of the case of the prosecutor at hand。January 5, 1979,His fascinating article "Independent Judgment,Only obey the law "published on the People's Daily,It will cause a huge sensation。The article clarifies the wrong understanding of people who have formed a long -term formation of the party's leadership and obedience to the law with unprecedented persuasion,Has been well received by national leaders。In the same year,He also published "Procuratorate、Strengthening Legal Supervision,Completed a papers that have been conceived for a long time to a set of articles such as the papers about defense to the papers on trial,Realizing his wish to call the principle of democracy for rebuilding the judicial system of the New China。

The spirit of infiltrating the modern law in the study of ancient law,Do not forget to explore its original in the study of modern law,Professor Qiao Wei thus obtained a large area of ​​harvest,The richness of his writing,Rarely in the legal community。After ten years of catastrophe,He has published 4 monographs one after another,Published more than 50 articles,For more than 30 years、21 textbooks。Among them, the distinctive "History of Chinese Legal Systems"、"Tang Law Research" won the first prize of the outstanding achievement of the outstanding achievement of social sciences in Shandong Province in 1984 and 1986; the national unified textbook "History of Chinese Legal System" with the deputy editor -in -chief and the main writer won the Award. ; The "New Law Dictionary" edited by him won the National Outstanding Best Selling Book Award; he was the editor -in -chief organized and organized the large -scale "Law Series" of the Law of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and more than ten high -laws of law.。For more than 30 years,Professor Qiao Wei's text of more than 2 million words,Writing more than 8 million text,Total more than 10 million0。

The academic achievements of Professor Qiao Wei have been recognized by the academic and society。1981 The Ministry of Justice held the first legal teacher training class,hiring him as a lecturer teacher; in 1984, the Ministry of Education approved him to be the first batch of mentors in China to be accepted by visiting scholars,At present, there are only four people who enjoy this honor in the legal community; in 1988, the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government named Qiao Wei for Shandong Province,In the same year, the country awarded him the title of "Middle -aged and Young Experts with outstanding contributions"。Foreign philosophy and social sciences also use him as a tracking object,I invited him to give a lecture、Writing,His article is included in various text concentrations,Monastery Published by translation,It is also known as "one of the most outstanding and most arguing scholars in China",1988 British Cambridge International Celebrity Biography Center also listed him as "World Celebrity"。

Professor Qiao Wei Zeng Zeng and several jobs,In addition to holding important positions in school,Also appointed Nankai University、Chinese University of Political Science and Law and other school visitor professors、Researcher。In 1990, he bet365 sports bettingwas bet365 sports betting appelected as the representative of the 7th People's Congress of Shandong Province。President of the Chinese Legal History Research Association in the academic world,Vice President of the Shandong Provincial Law Society and Economic Research Association。Professor Qiao Wei also applied as chief legal adviser to the Shandong Provincial People's Government、Zibo Municipal People's Government specially invited legal consultant,He has made a significant contribution to the construction and theoretical research on Shandong Province。

September 12, 1998,The 6th Member Congress of the Chinese Legal History Society and the "Legal Reform in Chinese History" academic seminar held in Jinan。Bet365 app as the organizer to choose this day,It is because Mr. Qiao always left the position of the Law of Shanda Law and his life of his life in the year ago。When he was unconscious before his death,The most coherent language in the mouth is those unyielding words when they are mistaken for the rightist: "I will never yield to you"、"I believe the truth is on my side" Personality is fate,Mr. Qiao, who is going to be curved in his life,Perseverance and integrity to the last interest of life。

October 2000,"Qiao Wei's Academic Symposium and the Launch of the Johor of Qiao Wei" was held in Jinan,This event is the three -year sacrifice to Mr. Qiao Wei。From Beijing、Shanghai、Ning、Nearly a hundred scholars in Ji and other places see the book thoughts,Chang Yi Mr. Qiao’s is a person、Learning for Teachers and Teachers,Scholars of the participating scholars and teachers and students of the Shanxi University Institute deep,The longer we are from us,Mr. Yu Jue's character and style is precious。

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